We want companies to inspire their customers with bold new ideas.


As future shapers,  we know that only those who delight their customers again and again will survive in the competition. In the past few years, some companies have inspired us and demonstrated how they think their products and services “from the demand side”, away from key figures for financial results to key figures for customer benefit.

We are convinced that many companies should be brave and want to be brave today, modernize themselves, offer products and services even more exciting and think more strongly in terms of demand. Responsiveness is the new planning.

Just think of Amazon and the continuous improvement of the customer experience, or how Netflix has revolutionized the world of entertainment.

Are you interested? Then let’s start talking. Lateral questioners, fresh thinkers, inspirers, future shapers – that’s us, and that’s how we become successful together. Understand how the demand side is developing, analyze where your company stands and the inspiring glue in between that’s us.

Our DPO-Approach (Demand Pulled Organisation)

Get your company moving in 5 steps



It all starts with “Why?” To understand what’s happening on the demand side. And not only with your customers, but in general. Because “the customer” also buys somewhere else and at the same time is an employee of a company. The resulting experiences and expectations determine how your company should develop.

That’s DPO, Demand Pulled Organisation. That’s what we stand for. Coming from the point of view of demand, we ask and we just listen to understand.

In a detailed determination, we analyze the current situation of your company. We take into account the market, the customer, the competition, the employees and the processes.


Status Quo


GAP Analysis

The subsequent analysis serves to identify possible gaps. This clearly shows where the organization has development potential.

In everything we do, we are always driven by the “Why”. We ask questions, give initial inspiration and think in terms of shaping the future. Our perspective is always from the point of view of demand and not only of your customers, but also from the point of view of the employees.

Together we develop initial ideas and starting points for the development of your DPO, Demand Pulled Organisation. We have many years of broad experience from various projects in different industries. We inspire, lead and together we achieve the transfer to your industry and your challenges.


Project Planning



We work out together which tools we choose for the implementation: Establishing a clear sales strategy, management coaching, training activities for selected employees and, if necessary, interim are possible steps.
The goal is to anchor the measures in the organisation and to be willing to keep developing.