Be prepared for the unexpected

We want companies to inspire their customers with bold new ideas.


Based on many years of practice, we have the know-how and experience to know best which impulses can be useful. There are no ready-made solutions with us.

You are the best experts for your organization and your industry. But rethinking means asking the right questions, giving valuable impulses, engaging in a creative dialogue together. And – not to be underestimated – giving each other positive energy. We are happy to ask “Why ?”. And we guide you in this development process.

We have developed and successfully tested a number of inspiring formats.


Our Speed Workshop:
Gain new impulses in 90 minutes on the way to an optimistic future.

What is actually going on here? Managers and employees from many organisations are currently asking themselves. It is quite typical and human to take a breath, shake, and be a bit shocked. But then we should look forward and take action again.

Providing orientation, developing positive energy and impulses to think about a new future for your organisation are the objectives for our ZukunftsDenkstatt®.

Are you looking for positive energy?


Does this sound familiar to you? Seminars are booked in series, which take place every few weeks on specific content. Afterwards it is expected that all employees apply and live exactly what has been acquired.

It would be like a world-class goalkeeper going to the training ground for a day every few weeks catching balls. Would he be fit and ready for the Champions League? Everyone would answer immediately: No!

We support with inspiration and get the ball rolling. We implement this process with our Anchoring Management, a symbiosis of coaching, workshops and training on the job.

Conveyed content is anchored continuously in the company and thus becomes the expected automatism.

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As interim managers, we offer quick engagement and replacement. With our TeamInterim even to the entire management team. We are ready for action immediately because we have a lot of experience and are well-coordinated. Plus: We are independent players.

As former managing directors and experienced top managers, we support you flexibly on a temporary basis: from daily basis to full-time – as a team or individually until the assignment is fulfilled. Trust in our competence!

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Your Situation & Our Commitment

We will select the right team or personality for your project.

Whether management, sales, finance, marketing, human resources, logistics, customer service or operations. We support you in all relevant areas.

No matter what challenging task is pending, whether restructuring, turnaround, merger & acquisition, digitization, startup, or growth project. Or the job holder has left the company, is absent due to illness, takes time off / parental leave or a new manager needs a sparring from an experienced manager.

We are happy to take responsibility!



The 30 qm room4inspiration is generously and professionally equipped. We use the inspiring atmosphere of the bright room for our own formats, such as the Zukunftsdenkstatt®. Together with our customers, we develop ideas and solutions for the future. On site or via video call (Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other tools).

The room is ideal for unleashing creativity and thinking ahead. For dynamic exchange in stand-up meetings, the tables can be easily converted into standing tables. Combined with the versatile standing seats, there is movement in body and mind.

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Your Investment & Your Benefits

Bookable half or full day. Extras such as additional conference technology, moderation and catering can be booked individually as required. The conference package includes hot and cold drinks as well as sweet and salty snacks.