Why is there a need for the learning organisation right now? Due to the corona and the climate crisis, companies have to adjust and adapt to changes in demand. This also means that leadership has to change. Command and control just doesn’t work anymore. Why? Because the purpose of this management method was to guide and train employees to understand the business and keep the company on the road to success with the proven methods. But today the fundamental question is whether the previous business purpose will continue to be viable in the future. Today it is already evident that this will not be the case for many companies. To find the right strategy for your own company, you need a different way of leading.

Dominant, self-centered and aggressive leadership is not the answer in times of crisis. This shows the current crisis in particular. The weakness of the leadership style of authoritarian statesmen is brutally visible by Covid-19, as is the existence of many “zombie companies” that had long lost their purpose.

In this context, the following experiment from the animal kingdom is extremely fascinating. Scientists from the University of Texas, the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Biology and the University of Konstanz have, as the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) reports, investigated the behavior of a cichlid species. They wanted to find out how social dominance and the ability to influence others are related. The experiment showed that the schools of less dominant fish performed significantly better than those that were run by aggressive specimens. As a result, the researchers came to the conclusion that “in special situations in which decisive collective action is required, it is counterproductive for the most aggressive individuals to occupy hierarchical top positions. “That sounds very obvious – and not just for cichlids,” is the consensus of the FAZ.

We fully agree, because it is in line with our experience. Today, more than ever, companies are in need of managers who are able to ask questions instead of providing answers and who support and encourage employees instead of evaluating them and telling them what to do.

The entire team needs to put their own business model to the test and, in case of doubt, decide against it and develop a new one. Turning the team from those affected to those involved and using the shared creative energy is the key to success. The crisis manager as the coach of his employees is now needed!

Interested? Then contact us now. We don’t come with ready-made solutions! But we know how we can support you to find your own solution and to reflect and change your own leadership style!