Your Demand

Our Inspiration

We support companies to be well prepared for the future. We always think from the perspective of the demand side. The focus is on customers and employees, your greatest resource.

With our know-how and experience from many years of accompanying organisations, we know which impulses can be useful.


Our offer initially sounds somewhat unusual: we initiate and support change processes. We inspire to get organisations moving. We implement positive energy that is reflected in a loyal, performance-enhancing motivation. Does it work? Yes, it does. Let us convince you of our concept of DPO, demand pulled organisation.

We work with these different inspirations.


Sometimes our job is to elicit the solution by merely providing the space to think. Giving orientation, developing positive energy and impulses to think of a new future for your organisation are the objectives for our speed workshop, the ZukunfstDenkstatt. 
The workshops are carried out based on the Open Space Technology. The framework is defined by the joint initial discussion, but without any fixed expectations regarding the results.

Our Anchoring Management provides inspiration and gets the ball rolling. The symbiosis of coaching, workshop and training on the job ensures that content conveyed is continuously anchored in the company.


Interim and TeamInterim

When companies face fundamental challenges, it is important to take responsibility for new impetus.

We provide our skills and all our experience in the responsible task to free organisations from inflexible structures and processes that impair further development: as an individual or as TeamInterim.

It is crucial to create acceptance and ambition for redesign and rethinking at all levels and to generate benefit for everyone involved.

Together we shape the future of your organisation. This often includes topics that are best discussed in individual coaching rather than in workshops with managers and executives. Likewise, there can be tasks and challenges for which a team coaching is more appropriate. We are your sparring partner, guide and impulse generator. Our advantage: Coaching is always confidential, but we are already partners of your organisation and can thus focus on the topics in terms of objectives and results.



Goals can only be achieved through training and consistent further development. This applies both to sports and to business. When the basics are set, they need to be taught. We do this in inspiring and motivating trainings and workshops, which we customize individually and precisely to your situation. We have developed a new training concept for this combining training days and anchoring in your daily business – on request also with the support of experienced psychologists.

Companies have to reinvent themselves to cope with changes and crises. This requires a management approach in which managers become coaches.

As coachers they ask questions instead of delivering solutions. They support employees systematically and encourage their development. To transform companies into learning organisations, they have to establish coaching as a corporate competence and initiate a cultural change.

This is where our akademiEQ® comes into play. With its diverse training program that is based on EQ. Because we are convinced that self-awareness, self-management and self-reflection are the skills to lead others: with empathy, social and communicative excellence.