Be radical. Customer Pulled Organisation: #CPO

We believe in a better world for your customers!

Have you ever experienced how good it feels to be an enthusiastic customer?

Over the past few years, some companies have excited and shown us how they think their products and services are “by the customer”. The Amazon principle is today a term for every entrepreneur. Netflix has revolutionized the world of entertainment and today stands for optimizing the customer experience. But even Bosch, Ikea or the screw manufacturer Würth inspire their customers in times of entrepreneurial uncertainty. They all have one thing in common: They have taken advantage of digitization, constantly questioning their business models, reorganizing work processes and changing their corporate and innovation culture. Where once everything had to be done right in Germany as an engineering country and developments took years, many processes work in sprint, in the principle of try and error. Simply doing is important. Be brave. And mistakes are allowed.

We are convinced that many companies today must be courageous, urgently need to modernize, be able to offer products and services even more exciting and think more strongly about the customer. How it works? We help you.

We give you a new perspective: Have you ever thought to say that you have to delete the word “must” from your vocabulary?

We will answer with you why you want to modernize, what you can do now and how to develop a long-term culture that will make your business sustainable.

The consumer determines your services and your organization. Are you flexible and fast enough to offer the requested services and products?

For many (digital) StartUps, it is self-evident today to be optimally aligned with their customers. Logical! For newly founded companies start on the greenfield and develop their complete business model.

However, already established companies are just the headache. The question of how to engage their clients in the development of new business models, what impact this has on their existing organization and how the workforce is involved, prevents many entrepreneurs from taking the necessary steps in a timely manner.

This is exactly where we come into play: Focusing on optimal customer focus is not rocket science, but rather works by focusing, lateral thinking and the passion to be different. We call this the Customer Pulled Organization and we have developed a consulting approach that puts your customer and you at the center – and turns your business on its feet.

Are you flexible and fast enough to offer the requested services and products?

This is our CPO approach

consumer market

Customer experience is not just marketing

Based solely on their loyalty, it is only customers who determine which supplier they are currently trusting and where they are buying. In a matter of seconds. Here, not only the price is crucial, but the experience that connects the customer with your company. We are convinced: Strengthen the customer experience, then customers are ready for the perfect experience to spend more money. Create unique and exciting experiences for your customers and become the first choice! Then, volatiline loyalty becomes long-term trust.

workers market

Crazy, right? Focus on the staff

You cannot hear the term "War of Talents" anymore? We neither. The fact is: not only consumers are looking for companies, brands and products. Even potential employees behave the same way. Therefore, as a company, you are in an enormous competition. The brilliant entrepreneur Richard Branson once said: "It must be self-evident that the people who work for you are 100 percent behind the brand and you treat them in such a way that they are happy." He is convinced that then the company will succeed Do not wait too long to see what is involved, so that companies are attractive to workers and what contribution genuine experiences make, we tell you.


If the flat as a company headquarters is too small

StartUps are the current growth driver in many, especially digital markets. Often, the development from the agile small organization to the enterprise with structures becomes challenges that founders did not even remotely think about starting. Good if you work with someone who knows both worlds - the world of StartUps as well as the world of the Global Player. Benefit from our experience and expertise and grow healthy!

family business

Continue writing your success story

Your company looks back on a long tradition and success story and has grown organically over the years? OK then! Today, you feel that the pace of change is rapidly increasing and that you and your employees are finding little proactive answers to this development, as a result of day-to-day operations. Then we are the right partner for you! We know what it means to be entrepreneurial, to be responsible and looking forward to the first inspirational conversation with you! We meet you at eye level with the necessary degree of seniority and the necessary distance and offer you sparring and inspiration.