Oops: Again, welcome aboard!

Oops: Again, welcome aboard!

We are pleased to introduce you to our very first intern here at baruschke!zimmermann, Moritz Schön. He is studying sociology, politics & economics at Zeppelin University at the Lake of Constance. Moritz started his internship in August. So, tell us Moritz, what are you up to and what are your projects here at b!z?

“First of all, thank you all so much for welcoming me with open arms! Since my start here I have been busy with various tasks, with the focus on sales and marketing. Currently I am working on a storyboard for the b!z image film, which I will be shooting with you in the coming weeks. I am also looking into optimising and analysing our social media presence and support you with the integration of MS Teams into your workflow.

Looking back on the last two weeks, I learned to have more trust in my abilities, and I build more self-confidence. To just do things rather than overthinking them and not getting anything done. My opinion matters and I feel really valued. I am really looking forward to the coming weeks with you in Hamburg!”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and emotions with us Moritz! Again, welcome on board! We really enjoy working with you and hope, that you make the most of the time here!

Axel Zimmermann

Axel Zimmermann

Axel Zimmermann


Strategisch. Begeisternd. Motivator. Ausdauernd.

Axel Zimmermann has developed into an expert in the FMCG segment for more than 25 years, both for gastronomy as well as in industry and wholesale.

With many years of leadership experience, he also has extensive experience in employee management and development. Today he uses this know-how ideally in executive development and in coaching.

Axel Zimmermann is also a certified business coach / systemic coach at DVCT e.V.

Thanks to his many years of experience, he feels at home in different corporate structures – from German stock corporations to medium-sized, owner-managed family businesses and international groups of companies.

“As a passionate marathon and ultra marathon runner, I also push myself to the limit in my leisure time and know what it means to budget your own resources over long distances.”

Axel Zimmermann is a team-oriented sales and marketing specialist with a strong passion for positive business development.

Axel has extensive know-how in the marketing of products, the implementation of sales control systems and the development of market entry and general marketing concepts for branded goods in the German market.

He also advises on the right go-to-market strategy, brand positioning and the establishment of key account management for the beverage wholesale industry in Germany.

Sales. Route to Market. Systemic Coaching & Training. Workplace Digitisation. Certified Business Coach / Systemic Coach (DVCT e.V. certified). Co-Trainer at V:I:E:L: Coaching + Training, Hamburg.

Rabea Wolff

Rabea Wolff

Rabea Wolff


Organised. Inspiring. Communicative. Refreshing.

Rabea is the youngest member of the b!z family. After completing a banking apprenticeship, she entered into the professional world as our team assistant in June 2020. Despite her tender age, she never lets anyone get the better of her.

Organisation / Overview
Rabea is responsible for the office organisation, while she keeps an overview of everything that is pending or that is still to come. In addition to the back office, our social media channels are her playing field. Through her training as a bank clerk, Rabea knows what it means to offer excellent customer service. She is our b!z business card.

Enthusiasm / Motivation
With her distinct hands-on mentality, Rabea is taking minutes in meetings, revising presentations or creating content for our next post. She is full of creativity and motivation. To her, the stagnation of one’s own level of knowledge and intellectual development is a real “no-go”. With her thirst for knowledge, she is like a fresh breeze.

When asked how she feels about the age difference between her and the b!z teammates, Rabea only replies:
“Innovation through combination. Learn and grow from each other’s knowledge, perspective and experience. “

Social Media. Office Organisation. Team Spirit. Customer Service.

Detlef Scheer

Detlef Scheer

Detlef Scheer


Systemisch. Konstruktivistisch. Lösungsorientiert. Pragmatisch.

Rund 30 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich Training, Teamentwicklung, Coaching im Auftrag von Großkonzernen, Mittelstand und mit Einzelpersonen.

Findet einfache Lösungen faszinierend, die bisweilen gar nicht so leicht zu erreichen sind.

„Nichts ist so praktisch wie eine gute Theorie!“

Er schafft es immer wieder, nicht unmittelbar erfassbare, aber relevante Komponenten zwischenmenschlicher Kommunikation für Gruppen und Einzelne ins Bewusstsein zu rufen, so dass schließlich Führung und Zusammenarbeit wesentlich erleichtert werden.

Detlef Scheer verfügt über umfangreiche Erfahrungen in der Führungskräfte­entwicklung, der Teamentwicklung, der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung im Rahmen von Einzelcoachings und Kleingruppencoachings, und des Trainings von Beratungstechniken.

Führungskräfteentwicklung  – Training von Führungskräften mithilfe klassischer Moderation,  verhaltensorientierten (Führungs-)Planspielen und gegenseitiger kollegialer Beratung.

Teamentwicklung  –  Wiederherstellung oder Optimierung der funktionalen und zufrieden-stellenden Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit in den unterschiedlichsten Teams.

Persönlichkeitsentwicklung im Rahmen von Einzelcoachings von Führungskräften der unteren und mittleren Ebenen, sowie Mitarbeiter*innen. Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt seiner Arbeit: Coaching von hochbegabten Erwachsenen in ihren verschiedensten Rollen im Unternehmen.

Training von Beratungstechniken  – für Menschen, die aus beruflichen Gründen immer wieder in Beratungssituationen geraten: Berater, Führungskräfte, Spezialisten. Hier spielt auch immer wieder die Einführung in die kollegiale Beratung im Sinne der systemisch- konstruktivistisch orientierten Reflecting Team-Arbeit eine Rolle.

Dipl. Psychologe. Zertifizierter Senior Coach (BDP). EuroPsy zertifiziert(efpa). Trainer. Coach.

Dr. Andrés Ibarra

Dr. Andrés Ibarra

Dr. Andrés Ibarra


Inspiring. Empathic. Strategic. Result-oriented.

Andrés Ibarra has worked as a management coach, executive trainer and strategic consultant for more than 20 years.

In his professional career, he has advised numerous companies and municipal institutions from various organisations. The target groups range from the foreman, the managing director, mayor, medical director to the sports manager and professional athlete.

All partners have the same “value” to Andrés Ibarra.  He is successful and “gets along well with people” because of his high emotional intelligence.” His clients trust him and enthusiastically break new ground with him.

Dr. Andrés Ibarra has extensive experience in coaching, management training and strategic advice.

Coaching: Individual and team coaching of first and second management levels, training of coaches as a teaching coach. Development of own methods based on developmental psychology, psychology and communication sciences.

Management training: Implementation of modular qualification programs, on-the-job training, train-the-trainer and conflict moderation.

Strategic Advice: Organisational and personnel development, change management consultants, implementation of productivity improvement programs and CIP workshops.

Clients quickly feel the authenticity and passion for his profession. In addition to his authenticity, it is his relaxed attitude and humor that characterize his communication and appearance. This is where his affinity for sports and his South American roots will have an impact.

Management Coach (Intercoaching AG), Certified DISG Trainer (persolog), Certified Trainer and Moderator (DBSH)

Knut Maack

Knut Maack

Knut Maack


Strategic. Holistic. Creative. Involved.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of human resources, as a specialist, project manager and manager – from medium-sized companies to large corporations and consulting business.

Designer and maker who has the big picture in view without losing respect for the small things. Fast familiarization with a new task, understanding the needs of the industry and the relevant company.

„To me, working together is all about commitment and trust. It’s not politics and securing personal power that drive me, but the success of the company and its employees. I quickly become familiar with new tasks and thus make an important contribution to the overall success.”

Knut Maack has extensive experience in organisational development and in the entire talent management process from Attract & Select, Integrate to Develop & Retain.

Attract & Select – Development of employer brands and holistic internal and external personnel marketing. Intelligently linked to recruiting for a wide range of target groups, from trainees, specialists and managers to high volume recruiting.

Integrate – Setting up and optimising the entire onboarding process for new employees and colleagues who switch to new roles and functions. Special expertise in phases of strong growth.

Develop & Retain – Development and implementation of a wide variety of processes, measures and instruments (including employee appraisal, target agreement, succession planning, academy, training, coaching, junior programs, management development, specialist careers) for the further development and retention of employees.

Human Resources. HR Marketing. Employer Branding. Onboarding. HR Development. Talent Management. Organisational Development. Outplacement.